Carved Mesquite Armadillo

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Mexican Art

Carved Armadillos, each one has its own unique character. Hand-carved from Mexican mesquite wood. Heavy, solid wood, natural stain, dark wood.

Mesquite, It is said that’s the mesquite tree of the Southwest represents both shade and sustenance. The tree's sugar-rich bean pods are nutrient rich, it’s sap is black dye, gum, and medicine and sewing needles were made from its sharp thorns. The tribes relied on mesquite wood, too, for fuel, arrows and frames. Later, pioneer hands worked mesquite into timbers, tools, wagon wheels, and sturdy rustic furniture. In the late 1800s, citizens of San Antonio paved the streets leading to their Texas shrine, the Alamo, with mesquite slabs. In testament to mesquite's durability, remnants of the wood still surface from the activity of street maintenance. Mesquite has never reached commercial importance for woodworking outside its regional range because of a relatively small size and twisted trunks. However, many small companies throughout the Southwest use this beautiful, premium and rarer wood.

Imported by us from Dallas TX. Swan Creek Interiors AU. Custom made.

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