About Us


Roxy West & Buck Toff

Thank you  

Gratitude, grit, hard work and a bit of luck are the keys to our success. We want to thank our family and friends who have helped us on this mad journey. Thank you for allowing us to have created our dream Swan Creek Interiors.


Our foundations

Swan Creek Interiors was created by Buck and Rochelle after an inspirational trip to the USA  in 2016.
After visiting with family and friends in Maine and Texas, we took time to explore the heartland of Rodeo and Horse sports culture and found so many fabulous things. Beautiful things that had always been in our dreams but out of reach; not any longer.

We felt the country folk of Australia deserve to have design choices that suited them better, so we created this place for you.
We desired to bring country style options for your home and family that are in keeping with your lifestyle, interests and aspirations, please enjoy.
With backgrounds in farming, fishing, building things and interior design we are able to bring you current, rustic, well made, handmade, fashionable, beautiful, real home furnishings.
Please feel able to ask us to find or make something for your home.

Our vision

Thank you for stopping by Swan Creek Interiors.
We think that the country people of Australia should be able to fill their homes with items of beauty that reflect their lifestyle and the kind of people they are.
That they should have the same range of choice of beautiful things for their homes as the coastal folk do. We hope you find inspiration while you are here.


Roxy West - Swan Creek Interiors

Our values

It would be our hope that your grandchildren call it ‘Rustic’ when they inherit it. We aspire to bring you beautiful, functional and high-quality decor and furnishings. Our things are made from real wood, leather, steel, stone and talent. Because you’re working hard from sun-up til sundown means you deserve nice things that suit your purpose. Adorn your self and your life with meaningful, inspirational things and you too will be.


Our proposition

Your home should reflect who you are and make your family, friends and neighbours feel safe, comfortable and welcomed. We want to bring you furniture, decor and accessories that are unique; something that you are proud of and that is good quality because the price is long forgotten on a wise investment.