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Lone Mountain Jacla Earrings - on Layaway

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Western Boho 

Beautiful natural Lone Mountain Turquoise beads from Nevada strung with Pearl Spiny Oyster in Jacla style. Pure .925 sterling silver beads and wires. 2.5" in length overall.
Stunning! 100% natural shell found off the coast of Baja and 100% natural American Turquoise! 

About: The Lone Mountain Turquoise mined located near Tonapah, Nevada is considered to be in the top ten most famous. Originally named Blue Jay mine, it produces some of the world's top spiderweb Turquoise. The highly desired Nevada Turquoise  is noted for its ability to hold colour and not fade. Primarily found in nugget form, Lone Mountain turquoise is still found in small pockets within its privately owned mine. 

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