White Buffalo Floral Stud earrings - Show Stoppers!

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A pair of White Turquoise stud earrings, known as White Buffalo Turquoise. The natural 15mm stones have distinctive shades of creamy white marble with black spider webbing. 

These White Turquoise stones originally came from a private estate collection and have been re set in this gorgeous 1 inch petal setting. Made in pure silver with post stud. 

One of a kind statement pair, not too heavy for their size. Mexico artisan/silver smith. 

Style Tip. White Buffalo looks amazing with Navajo Pearls.

White Buffalo Turquoise, known as White Buffalo stone, is from a single mine in Nevada. It's known for its distinct beauty. While similar to turquoise in its structure and formation, its stunning white and black colour is due to the lack of heavy metals, which are responsible for the characteristic blue and green hues. Unique patterns such as webbing are a rarity and command a higher value.

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