Cowboys ‘Magnetic Copper’ Running Wild Cuff

Wow! Let Swan Creek know I’d like to buy this item.

Nicely weighted solid copper cuff bracelet! 

All our copper cuffs are generous in fit; (American sizing) and adjustable smaller or larger.

  • Cowboys Mens size
  • Width: Wider 15.5mm
  • Thickness 3mm. 
  • Inner perimeter: 16-18cm
  • Weight 47g
  • Copper: nickel and lead free
  • Handcrafted

These make a lovely gift, you’ll want to keep for yourself. Posted w gift pouch.

Western ‘Running Wild’ embossed design with 6 magnetic inlays (considered for holistic health benefits). Copper jewellery has been worn since ancient time. It is thought to help ease aches + pains and have numerous health benefits. It’s is also an excellent western accessory.

Note. Most people can wear ‘magnetic’ with benefits, however some may not. If you have a medical device or health condition, talk with your health professional first. Not recommended for young children.

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