Blue Moon Turquoise Necklace

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Memorising 100% natural Nevada Blue Moon Turquoise, set 1.5” silver pendant on 17” sterling silver chain w clasp. Accent of White Buffalo Turquoise and Navajo pearl.

Handcrafted by silver makers in New Mexico. 
This necklace sits nicely between your collarbone. One of a kind. 

Blue Moon mined Turquoise is a high-grade stone extracted from a mine, deep in the Candelaria Hills, Nevada. Re opened by the Otteson family in 2011, it’s is treasured for its intricate spider webbing and ‘unusual’ water like patterns. Blue moon Turquoise is a pale to medium blue turquoise with a striking blue matrix running through it. Collectors herloom piece. 

We ship this beautiful item gift boxed w tracking.

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