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White Horse Fox necklace

Wow! Let Swan Creek know I’d like to buy this item.

Exquisite bright teal blue Fox Turquoise cabochon measuring 8x10.5mm set in .925 sterling silver - 1" gem centerpiece necklace with sterling silver chain and clasp. 16" length. (Mini). 

Handmade in {Nevada}. Gift boxed.

About. The Fox Turquoise mine, once called the Cortez mine, is found in Lander County, Nevada. It was one of the largest producing mines in Nevada before is was closed in the 1980s. Fox Turquoise is more accurately known as “White Horse Fox”, it is considered rare and a collectors stone. Fox turquoise is quite hard and runs from shades of green, aqua to rarer teal blue colour. It is found as both nuggets and vein material. 

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