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White Buffalo Vintage earrings

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The Stones. A pair of naturally rare White Turquoise ‘White Buffalo’.
Beautiful shades of creamy white marble with lots of black spider webbing. 21x15mm stones. 

Style: Vintage hand-hammered silver studs with drop fletcher pendant setting with silver etch work. Artisan made in New Mexico in pure sterling silver with hand-forged clasps. These silver earrings are made to be comfortably worn, loved, admired. Drop approx L45mm x W24mm. One of a kind pair. Rare Turquoise collector. 

White Turquoise, known as White Buffalo, is from a single mine in Nevada. It's known for its distinct beauty. While similar to turquoise in its structure and formation, its stunning white and black colour is due to the lack of heavy metals, which are responsible for the characteristic blue and green hues. With only a single mine in existence the value continues to increase as the resources are depleted. A desirable piece of White Buffalo is hard, takes a nice polish and contains a black matrix of chert found in various patterns throughout the piece. Unique patterns such as spiderwebbing are a rarity and command a higher value.

We ship this beautiful item boxed with signature and insurance.

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