Western Wild Horse Studs

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Striking Wild Horse stones from Arizona, very pretty shades of creme and white marbled with lots of red/brown spider webbing. 16x18mm.

The Style: Natural shaped setting with handmade Southwest bead sterling silver setting. .75" overall size. Artisan made in New Mexico in pure .925 sterling silver. Stud fitting with vintage butterfly clasps. These silver stud earrings are made to be comfortably worn, loved and admired.

Wild Horse (Wild Horse Magnesite Lore) It is a fairly new stone that was discovered in the mid-90’s near the Globe copper mine in the Gila wilderness area of southern Arizona. Wild Horse by name to the stone that is a mixture of Magnesite and Hematite. Wild Horse is considered to be quite rare, as there is only one known source for the stone. This, paired with it’s beauty, means that the stone retain a high value and is a remarkably popular with Turquoise and precious stone collectors. In terms of properties, Wild Horse is considered to be wonderful for boosting creativity, helping with relaxation, stress, self-love and romantic love. Gift boxed.

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