Varsity Lakes No #8 Turquoise ring - Size 9 / R - custom made in 🇦🇺

Wow! Please notify me, when more like this is in stock or if this can be custom ordered.

New to the Roxy West Boutique collection. RRP $395. Sold on layaway.

Statement Turquoise, custom-made especially for us by talented silver maker and turquoise collector Page Vidler in rural Roma Queensland.

We’ve handpicked the best Turquoise and designed a unique ring that’s made be admired, worn and treasured.

The design, inspired by the southwest and designed to stand out in the crowd. Elements of hand-forged mini pearls & rope twist work sets the stone with custom chevron <> diamond stamping on the band and a touch of patina gives this beautiful ‘one of a kind’ ring a modern-vintage vibe. 

The stone, an exquisite large piece of No #8 azure blue Turquoise with a full natural copper tan matrix. Stone long approx 3.5 x 1.7cm. Even better in person.

Made in pure .925 Sterling silver, the design, setting and comfortable hand-hammered wider band is made to suit natural long oval shape of the polished stone. Setting overall length 1.6” (inch). Makers markings. Made in size 9 / R for those bigger fingers.

〰️It’s all about the Turquoise No #8. This extraordinary Number Eight Turquoise mine has produced some of the largest nuggets of turquoise ever discovered, the colours grade from very light blue to blue-green with a matrix varying from golden brown to black. As with most mines, Number 8 turquoise has certain characteristic colour and matrix patterns that are very easily identified. Today, the bluer Number 8 turquoise are quite rare and highly valued by collectors.

This turquoise is a collectors item and some of the last Number 8 Turquoise to be had, making it be a great addition to any collection. 

This beautiful ring is shipped with tracking and extra insurance cover.

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