Teesha Royston Turquoise ring Size 7

“Wow! let me know when the next shipment is here!”

RRP $249 Turquoise Luxury

The Stone: A natural Hi-grade Royston Turquoise gem encased in a simple silver setting. The beautiful alluring multi-coloured stone has a full matrix of azure-aqua blue, green and tan-brown accents.

The Ring: The silver band is stamped with a gorgeous Southwest rising sun ☀️ down the length of the band. Artisan crafted in Australian using quality imported/USA/Arizona Turquoise and quality sterling silver. ‘One of a kind’ in size 7.

Turquoise luxury. It is said that Royston Turquoise has been mined since the early 1900s from the Royston mining district in Nevada. This mine is legendary and has produced incredible turquoise ranging in colour from a deep sky blue to dark greens. Often the colours run together in the same stone with the golden brown mottled or webbed matrix.

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