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Sugilite Oval studs - Rare Western stones

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Beautiful purple hues, Sugilite mini cabochons set in elegant post-stud earrings.
Each pair
 is true purple in colour with pinky-violet hues that shine true.

Handmade in .925 sterling silver with elegant Southwest beading. Small size 7x9mm overall length. Post stud with flower artisan backs. 
Artisan made in New Mexico. Western Collectors item. RRP $199

Sugilite is an incredibly beautiful and rare gemstone, best known for its vibrant pink to purple colours. Perhaps the most popular shade of the stone is referred to as ‘purple grape jelly’ due to its rich, lustrous shades. High quality specimens are rare, and are sought after by gemologists and collectors all over the world. As with many other gemstones, the deeper the colour, the higher the value.

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