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Royston Ribbon Bolder earrings

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Vintage Turquoise. A river of blue green turquoise runs through these unique Royston boulder stones.

Beautiful natural and Royston Ribbon Turquoise. 20x34mm stones set in handmade sterling silver vintage setting. 2.25" over with artisan made post stud and backs.

Vintage stone custom work by New Mexico silver maker.

About: This Turquoise is from the famous Royston mines in Nevada. Boulder Turquoise is identified by the style of distinctive turquoise veins that run through boulder stones. Its named because the turquoise is a "ribbon" that arcs through rich brown boulder stones. The uniqueness of the Turquoise patterns that map through beautiful and varied brown boulder stones really gives its own distinctive flair. This mine is legendary and has produced incredible turquoise.
Keeper items for generations to come.

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