Mesquite saddle tree

“Wow! let me know when the next shipment is here!”

Spark interest with this polished brown antique saddle tree made from an original, antique Mexican vaquero saddle. An original and unique piece.

The saddle trees are the inner skeleton of a saddle. These are from Mexican Vaquero saddles. You can easily distinguish the Mexican saddles from the rest, as they have a very large horn.

Please keep in mind these are made from old exotic woods and therefore have cracks, nails, nicks, minor pieces missing etc. And they will all be different, one of a kind. The photo is a representation of what you will receive. That's what makes each piece one of a kind.

Custom order and enquires are welcome for the next shipment.

14” x 18”

Rrp $249 estimate/pending costs on next shipment.

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