Harmony No 8 Turquoise ring Size (small) 5.5/6

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Turquoise Luxury

The Stone: A natural Hi Grade luxury No #8 Turquoise gem with a full matrix of azure blue and copper tan accents.

The Ring: Natural silver setting with gorgeous band stamped with Southwest rising sun ☀️ accents. Artisan crafted in Australian using quality USA/Arizona Turquoise and quality sterling silver. ‘One of a kind’ made in a small 5.75/6

About: The No #8 turquoise mine in Eureka Nevada was discovered in 1925. The mine is now close but produced some of the largest nuggets of turquoise ever discovered. The turquoise produces spider web matrix with patterns varying from blue, golden brown to black. Today, the darker shades of blue Number 8 turquoise are quite rare and highly valued by collectors.

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