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Big Vintage No8 Turquoise earrings

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Beautiful and extremely rare #8 Turquoise from the #8 Mine in Nevada that shut down production in the 1970`s. These are newly cut, custom stones from rough that has been in a collector`s storage for decades. 2.5" overall length. Hand cut stone size 43x15mm. Stamped.
Settings elongated hand-stamped, dangling from heart shaped Concho etched studs. Designed and handcrafted by Navajo artisan. Artisan made butterfly backs.

Exclusive Vintage One of Kind RRP $599

It’s all about the Turquoise (no #8) Number Eight mine in Eureka County Nevada, discovered in 1925. At present, the mine is closed and today mined for gold. The mine produced some of the largest nuggets of turquoise ever discovered, the colours grade from very light blue to blue-green with a matrix varying from golden brown to black. As with most mines, Number 8 turquoise has certain characteristic colour and matrix patterns that are very easily identified. Today, the blue & bluest Number 8 turquoise are quite rare and highly valued by collectors.
This beautiful piece is shipped with tracking & insurance. 

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